Writing about Autism in our family

Welcome to Strawberry ASD.

Welcome to Strawberry ASD. Since our daughter was diagnosed with Autism when she was 3 years old I have written 2 books to help raise awareness.

When our daughter started mainstream school, the children in her class asked the teacher questions about her, like: Why does she run around all the time? Why doesn't she talk? What is Autism?

I wanted to create a nice, pretty looking and simple to read book explaining her differences and beautiful quirks. I wanted the book to be illustrated simply yet beautifully.

I hope Through the Eyes of Me and Through the Eyes of Us will help siblings, classmates and anyone who knows of someone on the autism spectrum.

NEW: Through the eyes of us

My new long awaited follow up book about Kya and her friend Martha.

Through the eyes of me

Hannah Rounding


Helping Spectropolis

I'm helping Spectropolis raise money so they can continue helping families by donating valuable books about Autism and raising #AutismAwareness.