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Welcome to StrawberryASD, where empathy and understanding thrive! Explore our captivating books authored by Jon Roberts and beautifully illustrated by Hannah Rounding. Celebrate diversity and gain insights into the lives of children with autism and other disabilities. Promote inclusivity, spark conversations, and create a more compassionate world through the power of storytelling. Join us on this inspiring journey of empathy and acceptance.

NEW: See What I Can Do!

My new gently-told but immensely informative new diverse and inclusive children's picture book.

Through the eyes of us

My new long awaited follow up children's book about Kya and her friend Martha who both have Autism.

Through the eyes of me

Through the Eyes of Me is a beautiful, colourful, illustrated book for children that allows a glimpse into the world of a child with autism.

Hannah Rounding

Walking Pen Yr Fan 10 times in 24 hours?

The following day, our bodies ached, our toenails fell off, and we rested, knowing that we did the most incredible thing to help our autism families!!!


Helping Spectropolis

I'm helping Spectropolis raise money so they can continue helping families by donating valuable books about Autism and raising #AutismAwareness.

Hay Book Festival 2018

I was joined again by Inclusive Minds’ Alexandra Strick to discuss and read from Through the eyes of me, which is a children's picture book about my Autistic daughter.

London Imagine Literature Festival 2018

I was joined by Inclusive Minds’ Alexandra Strick to discuss and read from Through the eyes of me. The children were amazing and asked lots of questions about Autism.